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Latest Release
gpsdrive-2.11.tar.gz Latest version
Mapnik, OSM and POI Support are working
gpsdrive_2.11_i386.deb Latest version
Mapnik, OSM and POI Support are working

Beta Versions
gpsdrive*.deb Latest Beta(!) version as debian package. With this repository you can also install the latest OpenStreetMap-Mapnik-Data*.deb Package

Platform Versions
Official Debian package
Official Ubuntu package
Mac OSX Fink package A real 3 button mouse helps
FreshPorts FreeBSD port of GpsDrive

  • gpsd
    GpsDrive uses the gpsd program to talk to the GPS. You should install that first.

  • Anonymous svn access:
    You can now access the latest gpsdrive sources with SVN with:

    svn co gpsdrive-trunk

    After the SVN snapshot is downloaded, please run in the gpsdrive directory:

    cd gpsdrive-trunk
    mkdir -p build
    cd build
    cmake ..

    You have to do this only the first time, at a later time you need only to do:

    cd gpsdrive-trunk
    svn upate
    cd build
    (and as root): make install

    Be warned, the SVN version may be broken and badly tested. Anyway, if you send me patches, diff them against the latest SVN before you send it.

  • Older Versions
    gpsdrive-2.10pre7.tar.gz Mapnik, OSM and POI Support are working
    gpsdrive_2.10pre7_i386.deb Latest version
    Mapnik, OSM and POI Support are working
    gpsdrive-2.10pre4.tar.gz First Beta with mapnik support
    gpsdrive-2.10pre2.tar.gz Proxy support works again, showing existings maps in download-menu.
    gpsdrive-2.10pre2-1.i586.rpm BETA! SuSE 9.1 Binary-RPM (compiled with gcc 3.3.3)
    gpsdrive-2.10pre2-1.src.rpm BETA! Source RPM
    gpsdrive-2.09.tar.gz GpsDrive tarball from 03/03/2004, see Changes, GPG signature
    gpsdrive-2.09-1.i386.rpm SuSE 8.2 Binary-RPM (runs only on gcc 3.x installations)
    gpsdrive-2.09-1.i386.rpm SuSE 8.1 Binary-RPM (runs only on gcc 3.x installations)
    gpsdrive-2.09-1.src.rpm Source RPM
    gpsdrive-1.33.tar.gz GpsDrive tarball, GPG signature
    gpsdrive-1.33-1.i386.rpm SuSE 8.2 Binary-RPM (runs only on gcc 3.x installations)
    gpsdrive-1.33-1.src.rpm Source RPM
    gpsdrive-1.32-arm.tar.gz Strong ARM port for Yopy and iPAQ without MySQL support (needs GTK+)
  • Signing:
    GnuPG The files are signed with GnuPG by 'Friedrich Ganter <>'.br> Use this public key or look it up on your favorite key server (Id: BF34728F)
    Key fingerprint = 555A DDBB 3985 16FF CD41 2031 C485 1783 BF34 728F
    The Development Files are signed by Jörg Ostertag. The gpg key is: Jörg Ostertags Debian Key
    Fingerprint = D40C 74CF 06DC 8460 D95E 7F56 3A83 5520 2210 9630
    check with: gpg --fingerprint 147DAD31

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    2011-11-02 Impressum