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xx/xx/2007 Version 2.10
an haufen neis zeich hamma gmacht.....
03/03/2004 Version 2.09
Fixed wrong non-decimal display. added German Expedia map server (, this should be used for european users added new (works again with Expedia) added sound settings in settings menu max serial device string is now 40 char
02/23/2004 Version 2.08
Added user defined icons (see manpage). Disabled (it is not functional anymore), watch website for update. USB receivers now works with direct serial connection. Replaced all sprintf, strcpy and strcat with "safe" functions to protect against bufferoverflows. Disabled mapblast server, manpage updated. Better night mode. GpsDrive now can handle satellite images of the wourld (from NASA). Read for details. Entries in the "Search" and the "Send message" button can now be sorted by clicking on the column labels. The baudrate is now selectable in settings menu, changed sat level display. GpsDrive now connects to the GPS receiver in following order: Try to connect to gpsd; try to find Garble-mode Garmin (if enabled); try to read data directly from serial port. You don't need to start gpsd now, serial connection is handled by GpsDrive directly You have to enable this feature in the settings menu. New compass and satslevel layout, fixed compass letters in translation (unicode related bug). Friendsd now sends read-reports for messages, new compass. A lot of bugfixes and small changes I forgot to mention.
01/18/2004 Version 2.07
Fixed memory leak which caused slow gpsdrive after 5 hours You can send messages to other targets using the friends server Fine tuning on layout New "Goto" button in find-target popup: in simulation mode your position immediatly jumps to selected position New script "gpssmswatch": sends pos to the phone number which sends a SMS with the content "PLSSENDPOS", needs a working "gnokii" installation You can change the "track" and "big-display" color in settings menu Added support for Topo-maps (USA maps only) New icon for your desktop: gpsicon.png Added OpenBSD patches Better "Waypoints" status display ".dsc" file support works again, see manpage for details Friendsmode shows now selected unit instead of km/h, it also respect your timezone correctly now Display now has "etched" frames, you can turn this off in settings menu A lot of bugfixes
01/01/2004 Version 2.06
Build in limits to 180/90 degree positions, so silly values should not appear now. acpi-temperature support added tooltips for battery level and temperature display tripinfo values are now updated added new program "gpsreplay" which replays stored tracks (thanks to Tim Witham for this nice program) some bug fixes
12/21/2003 Version 2.05
Bugfixes Timezone will be stored now ACPI battery status works now with newer ACPI (tested with 2.4.22ac4) now CPU load is reduced heavily through removing alpha channel from image changes for cygwin fixed malloc problem in friends server force name in friendsmode to replace space with underscore
08/31/2003 Version 2.04
Better Kismet support (see end of README.kismet)
08/12/2003 Version 2.03
Fixed bugs of PDA patch Is now usable on PDA screens Fixed bug with kismet(wrong GPS position) Compiles also on SuSE 8.1 with GTK+-2.0.6 fixed font bug(Sans 10 Bold 10 message)
06/26/2003 Version 2.01
This version is based in GTK-+2.x with a nicer GUI. You have to use at least this version to download maps from the mapserver (Mapblast and Expedia) with GpsDrive. To see your friends position, you have to run friendsd2, which uses UDP instead of TCP. With this new server, you can use GpsDrive in a mobile enviroment.
01/26/2003 Version 1.32
The MySQL client library is now linked at runtime, so there is no need for 2 different rpms anymore. Added scripts and icon for geocaching. Added greek translation.
12/08/2002 Version 1.31
Support (only) new 'kismet' (>=2.8.0). Remove of waypoints in SQL-mode is now possible. Added some icons (see README.SQL) works also without SQL support. Bugfix for 'speedtrap' warning. New key "y" to set a waypoint at the current mouse position (same as CTRL and LEFT-mouse-click). Updated manpages (german and english). Waypoint type can now be choosen from a list. -c parameter is now case insensitive.
11/16/2002 Version 1.30
Added support for 'kismet', a WLAN detection tool. See README.kismet in the documentation section of the website. Added icons for some waypoint types in SQL mode (see README.SQL).
11/03/2002 Version 1.29
Added SQL support. Currently it supports MySQL. A script to feed the MySQL database with waypointfile is provided (wp2sql). Its not possible to delete waypoints from the SQL database in the GpsDrive GUI. Please read README.SQL.
09/24/2002 Version 1.28
Fixed changed URL for map download. Fixed crash in position mode. Updated translations. Gpsd now can read from file.
09/17/2002 Version 1.27
Bugfix for GPS receivers sending GGA instead of RMC sentences. Bugfix for very large track files.
08/31/2002 Version 1.26
Mapblast server works again (they changed the URL). Bugfix for -a option. Added -i option to ignore NMEA checksum (for broken GPS receivers). Added "j" key to switch to next waypoint on route mode. Added support for festival lite (flite) speech output.
07/17/2002 Version 1.25
Switching maps in position mode works again. Area to download is now marked as yellow colored area. Added script
07/02/2002 Version 1.24
Some bugfixes: ACPI, broken GPS-receivers New position pointer.
06/30/2002 Version 1.23
Now Linux PDAs (iPAQ, Gmate Yopy) are fully supported and binaries are provided. Battery display now supports ACPI (old and new version). Added compass, changed bearing pointer. Added more scripts for multiple maps and route fetching. Battery display also works on FreeBSD now.
05/20/2002 Version 1.22
Added info about sunrise, sunset etc. New settings menu. Changed english and german manpage.
05/12/2002 Version 1.21
Added night mode (see settings menue). Display latitude and logitude is now switchable between degrees/minuts/seconds and decimal form. Some bugfixes.
05/05/2002 Version 1.20
Added display of the satellite position. Simply click on the satellite level area. Now you can add a description to the waypoints in a seperate file. This description will be spoken by the speech system and also written on the map window by a scrolling text. Please look at the english manpage for usage of this feature. Added hungarian translation and french README.
04/29/2002 Version 1.19
Added button to delete waypoint, fixed miles distance on startup in miles mode, new sat level display colors. Added map coverage display in download window.
04/21/2002 Version 1.18
Now getting good maps for USA from expedia server works: I changed in the URL EUR0809 to USA0409 if longitude is west of 30°W. If anyone have found a system for this EUR0809,USA0409 strings in the URL, please inform me. Much more precise calculation of distance (uses WGS84 elipsoid). Added turkish translation. Added display number of satellites.
04/15/2002 Version 1.17
Some bugfixes, free selectable maps directory, settings entry for simulation mode behavior. You find now a tarball for the festival speech server on the webpage.
04/07/2002 Version 1.16
Added -b parameter to select remote NMEA server. Added -c parameter to set position in simulation mode to given waypoint name. Added garmin-detection and serialdevice in setup. You can now type in coordinates directly in the "Add waypoint" window (x-key). Autosave of configuration. Added display of altitude if supported by your GPS device. Added altitude in stored tracks. Moved zoom factor display to the map area. Changed included "gpsd" to Remco Treffkorn's gpsd. This version is written in C instead of C++, so I can maintain it. The new gpsd also supports differential GPS over IP. You need a running internet connection to use it. It is important to install it if you want to start it from the "Start GPSD" button. Do this as root with "make install". Anyway, gpsdrive will also detect the old version if it is running. Added DGPS displaying. Added displaying of EPE (estimated position error), available on some GPS receivers. Removed feature to set posmode on with left mouseclick in the map window. It has to switched on with the toogle button in the menu or with the "p" shortcut. You can compile gpsdrive now without GARMIN-protocol support. The code is then smaller and faster. To do this configure it with "./configure --disable-garmin".
03/31/2002 Version 1.15:
You can select your "way*.txt" file in setup menu. The DEFAUL entry in way.txt is now obsolet. The "setdefaultpos" entry in gpsdricerc in now obsolet. Added battery meter, shows battery capacity and battery/plugged mode (only shown on notebooks). Removed command line parameter: -w. Added command line parameter: -a , use it if gpsdrive crashes (happens on broken apm BIOSes). Removed popup to start GPSD, its now a button. Added new unit "nautical miles". Moved buttons to setup menu, setup menu with new options. Updated man pages (en and de).
03/24/2002 Version 1.14:
Some cosmetic changes.
03/23/2002 Version 1.13:
Remembering last position if "setdefaultpos" is set to 0 in "~/.gpsdrive/gpsdriverc". At program start a dialog asks for start gpsd if no GPS was found. Added better background for waypoint text, this text has now a bold font.
03/18/2002 Version 1.12:
Adding ability to define routes using existing waypoints. The next waypoint on the route is automagically selected if the waypoint is reached.
03/16/2002 Version 1.11:
GpsDrive now stores settings. Parameter (-w) switchable shadows for all drawn elements on the map. New parameter (-1) for touchpads.
03/11/2002 Version 1.10:
Adding ability to set position on the minimap with left-mouse-click. Viewable satellites with 0db Signal are shown als short red bar. Added shortcut "x" to set a waypoint at the current position. Bugfix for loading tracks. Default download server ist now Expedia.
02/24/2002 Version 1.9:
Adding ability to set a waypoint at CURRENT position by CTRL-right mouse click. The "select waypoint" window is now auto-updated and shows every 5 seconds the true distance to the waypoints. Added -ffast-math because of better division by zero handling in code. Also added shortcuts, see help window for usage.
02/18/2002 Version 1.8:
Adding ability to set a waypoint by CONTROL-Left-Mouse click. Reread waypoint file way.txt if it is changed from another program.
01/11/2002 Version 1.7:
The mapservers expedia and mapblast have changed their URL. Gpsdrive map download only works with this version! Thanks to Oliver Kuehlert. We have a new currency in Austria now. So the price of gpsdrive changes from ATS 0,- to EUR 0,- ;-)
12/02/2001 Version 1.6:
tThere is now a mailing list: The address for he mailing list is Subscribing can be done by sending a mail containing "subscribe gpsdrive" to A bug fix for friends mode applied. Option -x also separates the status fields from the map, there are now 3 windows in this mode.
11/16/2001 Version 1.5:
In friendsmode you can select your friend from the waypoint list. In this case, the position of the target is dynamically updated. In the text near the friends-position icon you see also the day of the week together with the time of the last transmit. If you have an internet connection, connect gpsdrive in simulation mode to, i.e. gpsdrive -n Fred -f, and make a truck race with other GpsDrive users. But replace "Fred" with your name! ;-)
11/13/2001 Version 1.4:
Some improvement on friends server. Added friendsserver to english man page. The friendsserver displays friends position, speed, direction and time of last transmit. To use it start friendsd on a internetserver and call gpdrive -n Yourname -f servername
11/12/2001 Version 1.3:
Testversion for displaying your friends if you start the friendsd server. See gpsdrive -h.
11/04/2001 Version 1.2:
Added spanish and german man pages. Cosmetic changes, updated translations.
11/03/2001 Version 1.1:
Added button to select directly less/more detailed map. Added switch for autoselect best map. Replaced dk language with da, because da is dansk, not dk. New layout, some buttons are now checkboxes.
11/02/2001 Version 1.0:
GpsDrive is ready for the step to version 1.0, which is almost the same as 0.36, but added spanish speech output.
11/01/2001 Version 0.36:
Added option -o to output NMEA sentences. Festival (speech output server) is now initialized for correct language by GpsDrive. Update manpage and translations.
10/28/2001 Version 0.35:
Added store and load track. GpsDrive autodetects screensize and fits into screen now. Some bugfixes. Updated dutch and spanish translations. Added spanish README (LEEME).
10/23/2001 Version 0.34:
Added usage of a proxy server. See manpage (man gpsdrive) for details.
10/21/2001 Version 0.33:
Bugfix in position calculation of big scales. Fixed buffer overflow which caused not translated texts after some time in NMEA mode. If no position is found in NMEA mode, track drawing for this part of the route is ommited.
10/14/2001 Version 0.32:
You can choice the downloadserver between mapblast and expedia. Installs data files now in right place (configure --prefix=). RPM installs now per default in /usr. Rewritten README. Program now creates a ~/.gpsdrive directory if it was not found. It also creates a map_koord.txt in it. Some bugfixes (if Numlock or Shiftlock is on).
10/09/2001 Version 0.31:
map_koord.txt. Radar bugfix. Added man page. Updated spanish translation. Fix if you use GCC 3.0 as C++ compiler.
10/07/2001 Version 0.30:
Added minimap for map overview. Improved radar detection. Added help menu, needs some work on it. Added parameter -x for seperate menu window. Added "Import Assistent"! You can now import and calibrate your own maps! Added choice of map type between street and topographical maps. Important! The maps must now be named map_* for streetmaps and top_* for topographical maps. If not, gpsdrive won't display the maps.
09/28/2001 Version 0.28:
Changed Layout to get more space for buttons. Some bugfixes. Tracks are now solid lines. Updated dansk translation.
09/26/2001 Version 0.27:
Added tracking. Autodetects NMEA or GARMIN mode. Works now also with gpsd from Remco Treffkorn using port 2947. Some bugfixes. Removed -s -g -f command line options
09/24/2001 Version 0.26:
Added -t and -l command line switches, see gpsdrive -h. Added german speech texts. Bugfix in radar detection. Only the nearest Radar gives speech output. Cosmetic changes for markers. #define MAXSHOWNWP 100 for max. shown waypoints. Tested with list of 30000 waypoints. If gpsdrive hangs, reduce number of waypoints in file. Better fallbacks for fonts. I prefer an arial truetype font. Helvetica is used if no arial font is found. Added program icon. Added check for way.txt format errors. Solved this intl compile problem. French translation is now in french ;-) Added dansk translation
09/21/2001 Version 0.25:
In the way.txt waypoint file the waypoint named "DEFAULT" is the start position of the program, important if you start it in simulation mode. So not everybody in the world need to start at my house in Austria! ;-) Bugfix if at start no map is found.
09/21/2001 Version 0.24:
bugfix for displays which have not 16 bit colordepth
09/20/2001 Version 0.23:
Added Radar warning. If you store the radars as waypoints named R-XXXX where XXXX can be a incremented number, you hear radar warning as voice message and you see a red/black blinking Bearing pointer.
09/19/2001 Version 0.22:
If you click with the left mouse button on the map you are in "Display mode" where a rectangle is the cursor and no position is shown. If you zoom or select another map scale, this is done for the position of the rectangle-cursor in the same manner as it would be your actual position.
09/18/2001 Version 0.21:
Removed flickering
09/18/2001 Version 0.20:
Added possibility to show waypoints on map. Improved speech output.
09/16/2001 Version 0.19:
Added support for speech output. You need the software "festival" running on your machine. See
09/09/2001 Version 0.18:
Added defines to make it possible to define smaller screen sizes. This is the way to porting for iPaq
09/09/2001 Version 0.17:
Target is marked with a cross on the map. Added tooltips.
09/06/2001 Version 0.16:
The target is now selectable on the map with a RIGHT mouse click.
09/06/2001 Version 0.15:
removed some Pentium-optimizations which caused a crash (-fast-math). Added a Sliding control for prefered map scale. Enhanced outfit for values.
09/05/2001 Version 0.14:
Minor cosmetic changes, RPM is now pentium.optimized compiled. If you want to compile from tarball, then configure with ./configure --with-pentiumpro
09/04/2001 Version 0.13:
The map is now clickable for selection of the download position. The yardstick has correct m/yards display.
09/03/2001 Version 0.12:
Added button for automatic download of the map from internet. Added yardstick.
08/31/2001 Version 0.11:
Little code speedup, zoom-out works like expected Added script gpsfetchmap to fetch a map per commandline tool.
08/31/2001 Version 0.10:
Added miles/kilometers toogle button. Fixed West/South bug in convertRMC (in version $Id: gpsdrive.c,v 1.50 2001/08/31 09:56:11 )
08/30/2001 Version 0.9:
Code cleanup, default language is now english. Fast GARMIN mode tested, use it with "gpsdrive -f", don't start gpsd for GARMIN mode! Better simulation mode.
08/28/2001 Version 0.8:
Big bugfix: in other locale then "de" the lat. and long. Values have no decimals. There is a position difference in the range of 100 meters!
08/27/2001 Version 0.7:
added experimental GARMIN mode (parameter -f) garble is integrated in project.
added cool splash screen, zoom is also as big number screen refresh now all 0.5 seconds instead of 1 second
added big numbers for distance to destination and speed simulator lets marker go to selected destination added big arrow points to bearing added display for satellites
Marker points to destination with black line marker points to heading with red line
some bugfixes in zooming Added support of waypoints to select destination

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